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Frontend Web Developer & UI Designer

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Hi! I'm Marisa Brantley.

I'm a Frontend Developer and UI Designer who empathetically creates accessible, engaging, functional, and aesthetically pleasing websites.

My coding journey began when I needed a website for my online retail business. I took the initiative to learn to do it myself, and my love of coding bloomed.

I enjoy creating websites… selecting the perfect colors, layouts, and images, to using clean and efficient code that conveys the most satisfying, effective, and visually appealing experiences for users. With backgrounds in law and e-commerce, I appreciate details, meeting deadlines, clear communication, and making businesses’ visions come to life.

Can't wait to work with you!

  • Web Developer
  • UI Designer
  • Coffee Lover
  • Beach Cleaner

My Projects

Sticky Notes App Project

Super Sticky Notes

A greenfield interactive React app built with multiple components to allow users to create sticky notes, as well as edit, search through, save, and delete them.

Skills: React, JSX, Components

Tools: Props, State, GitHub Pages, Visual Studio Code, CodeSandbox

See Sticky Notes Here
GitHub Repository Project

GitHub Repo Gallery

This app pulls data from the GitHub API to populate username, bio, number of public repos, and individual repo information; it also has dynamic search functionality.

Skills: JavaScript

Tools: Rest API, GitHub Pages, Visual Studio Code, CodeSandbox

See GitHub Gallery Here
Guess the Word Game Project

Guess the Word Game

Players guess the word by entering one letter at a time. If the player guesses all the letters correctly before they use up their allotted guesses, they win the game!

Skills: JavaScript

Tools: GitHub Pages, JSON, Visual Studio Code, CodeSandbox

See Word Game Here

My Skills

Developer Skills



Responsive Web Development




Tech Stack

Git and GitHub

Chrome DevTools

Visual Studio Code

Adobe Creative Suite



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